Drought of Friendship (i)

I’m missing, right now,
the short thoughts of love
that grew in the space
between my next
and my fondest
lustful wish:
as a merry memoir candle is seen
in the hands of children.

I wish you a happy daily fuck
and a loveful lightful

I couldn’t give that to you,
but my fingertips can caress you
with words like theses.

Ev’rdy I am dealing with unseen riddles
of smoke and mirror in these eyes contained
of thoughts and evasions, sweet damned obligations
social pages of don’t you dare.

This is a lonely heartfully way of singing

between the black space that awakens inside every breath of me

your love I miss

your thoughts I don’t

your love I’ll kiss

your ambitions made me wrong…

though, for a while, it felt warmcozystrong.


One comment

  1. ameliepoulain11 · septiembre 15, 2008

    Y si el inglés lo domino a medias ¿¿qué??

    Un saludito!


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