Why… why break every incensed cloud?

I see.
Around me, every day, every waking moment, every unspeakable noise that is thrown inside my lonely head, I see it. It tastes like sugar cane inside a glass of petroleum and bourbon, it smells like roaches and old sheets after sex, it crawls beneath my skin and it just keeps getting itchier.

Why are people so afraid of devotion? What is so wrong in this world that the persons that are capable of devoting themselves to anything (a person, a drawing, a kiss, a fleeting love moment) are tossed aside without a moment of reflexion? Is it so bad? Can we live in a world without real devotion? A world like that is pretty much like hell if you ask me. It’s a world cold, devoid of emotions, a world in which everyone wins while their little hearts (poisoned by greed or lust) are turned into huge coolers living inside cells that think that they deserve their own private VIP lounges in which ramble all day long about stupid bullshit that’s not worth of everything.

And some people say that when you are a child, you are truly yourself. Well then: when I was a kid, I always thought people were really stupid by doing things that they didn’t loved. Turn it up a notch: i knew that starting something that you couldn’t possibly love in the end was hurtful, dumb and demeaning and it took the colours away from life.
I knew that living life without anything to devote yourself only brings up the misery inside of you.

Some suns later, life has done nothing but teach me that it’s the truth.

We all fear devotion because it doesn’t make us vulnerable, it makes us strong. It defies us so we can every single day of our lifes being sure of enjoying the last possible moment in our lifetimes of that little aspect, that spark, that joyous and terrifying bit of perception that makes the whole world light up in a pyrotechnic psycodelic glow. We all fear it because devotion makes up get up of our asses, pull up our panties or boxers and stop giving our friendly neighbors emotional AIDS.

And I believe, we need devotion. To truly love. To truly share. To truly give. To truly be transformed.

We, in devotion, stop being people or herds. We, in devotion, start finding the meaning of ‘enjoying all the shades of life’.

In devotion,
in surrender,
we access the real freedom.

Go ahead, call me crazy, but there’s not enought money or mobster-like goverments in the world to show me a better way to live.

So, I’m here. With a white pasty acrilic in a big ugly jar, some pencils, a wooden table and a full heart.
Hit me in the middle of my life, Oh Heavenly Heart, Oh Eartly Heart.

I want to devote again and share its beautiful lore.



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